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Lets Go Phishing: Spear Fishing, Whaling, and Vishing Cyberattacks Explained

You would have to be living under a rock or hiding in a cave to not be cyber aware of the simple and brutal hacking attack known as phishing that plagues companies across the planet.   Anyone with an inbox in the digital age has received emails that have all the hallmarks of a malicious phishing attack and you’d be surprised at how often people fall for them.  Smart people fall for phishing.  Fortune 500 executives operating at the top of

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Aussies conned out of hundreds of millions of dollars during covid cyberscams

A record $851 million was conned from Australians due to cyber crime and online fraud in 2020, as professional scammers used the COVID pandemic to prey on vulnerable people. Investment scams made up a third of the amount of money scammed, with $328 lost, while romance scams came in next with $131 million stolen from people looking for love online. Payment redirection scams, where an online payment gateway is redirected to a third party using cyberattacks such as the Man

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Ransomware attacks will be investigated by FBI and DOJ like terrorism

A rash of recent Ransomware attacks on vital U.S. infrastructure has led to the FBI and Department of Justice (DoJ) to treat the cyberattack as a terrorist threat. Christopher Wray, director of the FBI, compared to the U.S. government’s fight against ransomware to the threats facing the United States after 9/11, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. The cyber attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat packing conglomerate, affected the food supply chain in the United States as

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How Web Application Firewalls (WAF) Secure Your Website From Cybercrime

A company’s website is its face to the world.  In the digital age reputations and entire brands are now built on the back of a website. This exposure helps a company reach a wider audience but also increases its “attack surface” by opening up the company to various vectors for cyberattack from across the planet. The more popular the website, the more traffic it receives, the higher the likelihood its being probed with invasive and non-invasive reconnaissance to stress test

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Ransomware and the Weaponization of the Internet of Things

The proliferation of Ransomware is rapidly spreading across the Internet and its targeting not only traditional networks but also the IoT or Internet of Things environment.  The Internet of Things is the name of the massive amorphous network of interconnected “smart” devices that are found in fridges, microwaves, watches, CCTV cameras to children’s toys and every other gadget imaginable that have come onto the market in recent years.  There are well known IoT devices such as Amazon’s Alexa which uses

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