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Cyber Helper’s online security awareness training is what companies use when they are looking for a simple and efficient solution to educate their employees and protect their business.

Crafted by security experts in collaboration with educators and advertisers, our videos are short, relatable, and with a dash of humour. 

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our microlearning system

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Easily digestible lessons for your team. Your employees have the flexibility to choose where and when they want to take lessons and expect higher engagement and awareness scores in return.

Spear phishing

Knowing about someone's interests and hobbies is valuable and helps hackers create spear phishing emails specifically designed for that persona.

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Hackers rely on the kindness of strangers to gain access to restricted areas.


To create a strong password, it's best to use a combination of lower case, upper case letters, symbols and numbers.


Ransomware is a virus or malware that encrypts the data on your computer or your whole network.

Auto fill

Sometimes confidential information leaks out because email senders are in a hurry or distracted and select the wrong recipient.

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Using Office Email

Keep in mind before you send if the recipient might find the email harmful. Do not send inappropriate emails from your work email address.

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Ceo scam

Always double check unusual requests from your boss, especially regarding financial transfers.

Unknow Networks

Hackers can set up a Wi-fi access point and if you connect to it much of your communication can be monitored and even manipulated.

Spyware in Attachments

When it comes to distributing viruses, spyware or other malware, there is no method more popular among hackers than attachments.

benefits of cyber helper

Deliver security awareness training that works

1. Real Life Scenarios

The High-quality production depicts real-life scenarios. This ensures that staff can see themselves in situations where common cyber attacks occur and act accordingly.

2. Productive learning

Micro-Learning techniques: 1-minute supercharged training and education environment. Cyber Helper’s videos do not affect a company’s productivity.

3. Empower your team

Empower and equip staff with the habits and tools for better cyber hygiene. These lessons emphasise empowerment and do not seek to shame behaviours.

4. Product Mindset

Foster better habits amongst employees to create good cyber hygiene.


Video Categories

Cyber Helper has worked with industry experts to create training videos tailor-made for different positions and roles, even catering for entire departments.

Phishing is the number one risk when it comes to cybersecurity. Train your employees to recognize phishing emails and to be vigilant when it comes to all emails and attachments.

This training program focuses on preventing accidental data leaks by raising awareness on how data leaks out.

This training course is good for any season but especially close to the Holidays, since your employees’ inboxes and social media are likely filling up with amazing offers.

Working from home comes with its own sets of security challenges as hackers are likely to view remote workers as targets.

The perfect package with the latest security threats for continued awareness training.

Basic package to get new employees started and integrated into the organisation’s security culture.

Complete security awareness training covering all security topics.

Covers the most common dangers of email and internet correspondence.

Intense training in password handling.

Cyber Security Awareness that focuses on non-tech related areas of concern.

The bosses need training too. Here’s everything they need to know to keep them safe.

This can happen to everyone. Make sure your people are aware at all times.


It’s not just the equipment that we need to protect.

For any employees handling customer or confidential data. Help them keep data protection top-of-mind.

A thorough training program, focused on data protection, for all employees of educational institutions.

Cyber criminals often target employees working in the finance division. These training videos will keep them on high alert.

Tricking travellers to give out personal or financial information is easy if you’ve already hacked their hotel or airline. Every day hackers try to pull one over on hospitality staff and their customers.

Security awareness is especially important when it comes to healthcare data.


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